What lurks in the mountains? Look out for terrible monsters!

Welcome back!

July has come to an end and we’re hoping August doesn’t bring us more heat waves. Imagine working on arid mountain scenarios while enduring this weather! Anyway, we’re progressing well and soon enough we’ll show you more about the fantastic and detailed locations we’re creating.

But today, we’ve got other special guests. Actually, they’re so special we’re a little afraid of them, as they’re monsters! (Don’t worry, they don’t feel offended by this designation, they’re very professional).

In the video below, you can see two of the enemies that will make an appearance in the incoming demo. Let us tell you a bit about them.

The first one is a spiderling! A classic of fantasy RPGs, it was decided from the very beginning that there would be a few of these, with different abilities and behaviours. These ones will be the weakest of them, capable of performing only basic attacks and with a weakness that you’ll have to figure out once you play.

The second one is a wererat! A common sight in Iberis, these little beasts are scavengers and raiders, usually looking for easy loot. Such bad luck for them you aren’t exactly easy to defeat, eh? Nevertheless, be careful as they are known to master one or two spells! Like the spiderling, they also have a weakness, so try out your elemental spells!

And now that we have shown you the first of many enemies you’ll face in Apax, we’d like to know which of them do you like most? Vote on our poll and drop a message to tell us what you think!

Last but not least, you can subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on Twitter to be among the first to know of our progress in the development of the game.

Stay tuned for more info, and see you in Iberis!

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