Meet Laia, one of the main characters you will see in the demo!

Hi everybody!

We don’t stop in August! Programming and designing are working constantly to show you something to see each week!

And now it’s time to meet Laia, who will have a leading role in the demo.

Laia is one of the best apprentices in Iberis. Her dream is to become the elemental paladin of Salus, her kingdom, ruled by the wise old King Argantonio.

She is a determined girl with a strong sense of justice. She was borned in Fatumflame, twenty years ago. There he met Evan, his best childhood friend, before she moved to the Kingdom of Salus when she was twelve years old.

Destiny caused them to meet again at the Agni Apprentice Academy, where they studied to be the best ones in their fields. Currently they are graduated apprentices starting their first missions.

Laia has to go with Evan’s mentor, Sortus, to investigate some strange activities in the north of the Kingdom of Gea. This seems to be an easy target.

You will know more about the fate of Laia and the game story soon!

Stay tuned for more info, and subscribe to our newsletter for free!

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