The road may be long, sit here for a while and get some rest!

Hi everybody!

How are you doing? Keeping hydrated and getting enough rest? We are each spending some time travelling around different parts of Spain (in case you’re curious, Miky is enjoying the southern beaches while Charlie is in the north, escaping from the heat), but development isn’t slowing down!

This week we’ll show you a little piece of environment that you’ll be glad to see through the entire game, a Rest Area! In case it isn’t obvious enough, in these Rest Areas you can replenish your Health Points and Magic Points, as well as remove any status that’s affecting any of your team members.

These magical locations draw their energy from the ancient runes that grow from the earth, spreading life and purity. 

Some creatures may also be attracted to these sources of power, so be on the lookout in case you meet any of them!

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