Yes… use that anger… that fury!

Hi everybody!

Hope you’re having a nice spooky October! What plans do you have for this year’s Halloween? Have you decided on your costume yet? We’ll be wearing our magicians hats as we conjure our testing and debugging spells to finish our first public Steam demo!

This week we’d like to show you a mechanic with which we aim to make more dynamic battles, the Fury system. Your characters will have a chance each turn to activate this state, and once activated, it lasts until used on an enemy. 

When used, the character will chain attacks against the chosen enemy while buttons appear on the screen that must be pressed correctly. If time runs out or the player makes a mistake, the attack ends. This state can be activated indefinitely during a fight, so take advantage of it to give the bad guys a good beating! Take a look at this mechanic in the video below and tell us what you think!

On other news, we’ll be having some events after the demo is released and you’ll be able to see us in streams and videos talking about the project and its future. On November 5th, our programmer Charlie we’ll be spending some time with Dielam on his Twitch channel so click here and follow him, he’s a pretty funny guy!

Don’t forget we’re on Steam so, if you haven’t already, wishlist our game there. Also follow us on Twitter and Instagram, and join our Newsletter!

See you soon in Íberis!

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