Next week the demo!

Hi everybody!

Only one week to the demo release!! We’re working really hard, hoping the demo will be all you want for it.

This week some digital magazines published articles about Project Apax! The first one, Nexel, is a Spanish magazine which has really good articles about game news and indies.

In addition, PC Gaming published another article talking about our game! It seems that Project Apax is opening a small hole in the market! And all of this is due to your support!

Next week, November 5th, we are going to release the demo, which has an approximate duration of 45 minutes! Hope you enjoy it. And remember that you can add Project Apax to your Steam Wishlist! This little gesture helps us to obtain a better position in the Steam store.

Stay tuned because next week we will also tell you some interesting news about the project!

See you soon in Íberis next week ;)!

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