Our first patch! Fixes and additions.

Hi everybody!

Hope you’re all enjoying the demo! We’ve been going over your feedback and implementing some critical fixes as well as an important feature that we had to leave out of the first version of the demo. Check the entire list below:

  • Additions
    • New combat mode: now you can switch between random encounters and visible enemies on the exploration map. This can be done anywhere, anytime by pressing the N button on your keyboard, X button on XBox controller or Square on Dualshock.
  • Fixes
    • Arcane actions selected over characters that die before the action is executed are correctly cancelled.
    • Better lighting in dark areas (barracks and its exterior).
    • Better support for controllers and correct switch of button pictures when connecting or disconnecting a controller.

The update will be available to everyone as soon as possible (this means, as soon as the upload concludes and Steam gives us the green light).

On other news, we have launched our official Project Apax Discord server, which you can join here! There, you can chat with us developers and easily give us feedback, opinions, suggestions and memes. We’ll also post some sneak peaks from time to time.

That’s all for now, friends. See you in Iberis!

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