Get to know Flamaspei, one of the main cities of Iberis!

Hi everybody! Starting tomorrow we will be at Gamergy in Madrid, showing our demo together with many other talented developers. If you happen to be at the event, come and say hello! This week we bring you some concept art about Flamaspei, the capital of the kingdom of Agnis. This city sits atop a largeSigue leyendo «Get to know Flamaspei, one of the main cities of Iberis!»

Nintendo granted us safe passage!

December is here, so get out your ugly Christmas sweaters and get plenty of nougat for the holidays! This week, Nintendo has given us access to their portal so we can develop our Switch demo, which was one of our initial goals. We’ll be telling you more about it in the coming weeks. In theSigue leyendo «Nintendo granted us safe passage!»

Our first patch! Fixes and additions.

Hi everybody! Hope you’re all enjoying the demo! We’ve been going over your feedback and implementing some critical fixes as well as an important feature that we had to leave out of the first version of the demo. Check the entire list below: Additions New combat mode: now you can switch between random encounters andSigue leyendo «Our first patch! Fixes and additions.»

Join us in Iberis, demo is now up!

It’s finally here! The Project Apax demo is now available to download and play on Steam, so get your gear and go save the world! Well, it’s only a tiny part of the game, but we hope it catches your attention and leaves you wanting more. This is a big milestone for us as itSigue leyendo «Join us in Iberis, demo is now up!»

Yes… use that anger… that fury!

Hi everybody! Hope you’re having a nice spooky October! What plans do you have for this year’s Halloween? Have you decided on your costume yet? We’ll be wearing our magicians hats as we conjure our testing and debugging spells to finish our first public Steam demo! This week we’d like to show you a mechanicSigue leyendo «Yes… use that anger… that fury!»

It’s raining meteorites!

Hi everybody! We hope you’re doing fine and taking good care of yourselves. Only one week away from October, which means our demo is almost here! In the meantime, we’d like to remind you we’ll be attending IndieDevDay in Barcelona on the 9th and 10th, so if you happen to be there, pay us aSigue leyendo «It’s raining meteorites!»

Our first interview and some great news!

Hi everybody! Last week, we were interviewed by Mario Plancarte, director and founder of the podcast Gamers de la noche. We had the chance to introduce ourselves and talk about Project Apax, as well as to discuss the indie game development situation and give our opinions about games like Final Fantasy VII Remake or Cyberpunk.Sigue leyendo «Our first interview and some great news!»

The road may be long, sit here for a while and get some rest!

Hi everybody! How are you doing? Keeping hydrated and getting enough rest? We are each spending some time travelling around different parts of Spain (in case you’re curious, Miky is enjoying the southern beaches while Charlie is in the north, escaping from the heat), but development isn’t slowing down! This week we’ll show you aSigue leyendo «The road may be long, sit here for a while and get some rest!»

What lurks in the mountains? Look out for terrible monsters!

Welcome back! July has come to an end and we’re hoping August doesn’t bring us more heat waves. Imagine working on arid mountain scenarios while enduring this weather! Anyway, we’re progressing well and soon enough we’ll show you more about the fantastic and detailed locations we’re creating. But today, we’ve got other special guests. Actually,Sigue leyendo «What lurks in the mountains? Look out for terrible monsters!»