It’s time to battle!

Hi everybody!

In the last days of August our team is taking a little break, but also continuing development of the game in order to launch the demo in October!

We want to show you some of the environments you will see in the battles! When the battle begins, the camera goes through different areas of the place to finally focus on the action!

You will see some familiar enemies and characters ready to fight!

Spiders, wererats… and.. soldiers!? What’s happening here? It seems like you fight in a castle or something like that? Well… it is hard to explain, but in September you will know more about it, and we will post some very interesting material and info about the demo!

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Meet Laia, one of the main characters you will see in the demo!

Hi everybody!

We don’t stop in August! Programming and designing are working constantly to show you something to see each week!

And now it’s time to meet Laia, who will have a leading role in the demo.

Laia is one of the best apprentices in Iberis. Her dream is to become the elemental paladin of Salus, her kingdom, ruled by the wise old King Argantonio.

She is a determined girl with a strong sense of justice. She was borned in Fatumflame, twenty years ago. There he met Evan, his best childhood friend, before she moved to the Kingdom of Salus when she was twelve years old.

Destiny caused them to meet again at the Agni Apprentice Academy, where they studied to be the best ones in their fields. Currently they are graduated apprentices starting their first missions.

Laia has to go with Evan’s mentor, Sortus, to investigate some strange activities in the north of the Kingdom of Gea. This seems to be an easy target.

You will know more about the fate of Laia and the game story soon!

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Work in progress! What will happen in this building in the middle of the mountains?

Hi everybody!

We are working really hard these weeks. We were surrounded by a lot of threats: wild bugs in the code which fight like dragons and some designing stuff that… designers could only explain it with puppets in a psychiatrist consultation D:

But now we can proudly show you some of our progress!

You will go through different scenes in the demo, and one of them is this strange building in the middle of mountains surrounded by cliffs. In an inhospitable place where life is unable to grow, what is hidden inside? Maybe cookies?

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Demo is coming…

The work we have been doing is paying off. We are working on a demo that you can download on the Steam platform.

By October (if the weather conditions are favorable and covid allows us) it will be available for you to play it and offer us feedback. And we are already working on more surprises! All we want is to make a good game that appeals to turn-based RPG players 😀

Welcome to our humble abode

Thank you all for the support you are giving us! When this started, it was nothing more than the illusion to do something cool, and little by little it is becoming a reality!

We already have our website where we will inform you every so often of our news. In our blog entries we will tell about our day to day, as well as important news that arise around the video game.

Stay tuned!