Get to know Flamaspei, one of the main cities of Iberis!

Hi everybody! Starting tomorrow we will be at Gamergy in Madrid, showing our demo together with many other talented developers. If you happen to be at the event, come and say hello! This week we bring you some concept art about Flamaspei, the capital of the kingdom of Agnis. This city sits atop a large … Continuar leyendo Get to know Flamaspei, one of the main cities of Iberis!

Road to Gamergy!

Hi everybody! Only a few weeks for Christmas, but we have received an incredible present these days! We attended Ultralan Gaming Festival in Valladolid, a big event with incredible organizers and speakers! A lot of people played the Project Apax demo and we received really good feedback to improve it! Also we have good news! … Continuar leyendo Road to Gamergy!

Next week the demo!

Hi everybody! Only one week to the demo release!! We’re working really hard, hoping the demo will be all you want for it. This week some digital magazines published articles about Project Apax! The first one, Nexel, is a Spanish magazine which has really good articles about game news and indies. In addition, PC Gaming … Continuar leyendo Next week the demo!


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