Enjoy the final demo of the game!

Hi everybody! Hope you are fine! We have been working so hard to finish the demo! We have extended it with some new mechanics, as well as we polished and improved the graphics and illumination. Also, we have a renovated UI, cleaner than the first one, some other little things you will see when youSigue leyendo «Enjoy the final demo of the game!»

We are back with new content!

Hi everybody! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas! We only rested a bit, because we continue developing the environment and more news! Today we want to show you some snapshots of the temple of Flamaspei, a building where you can go if your characters are poisoned, cursed, etc to heal them! Also we’re going toSigue leyendo «We are back with new content!»

Get to know Flamaspei, one of the main cities of Iberis!

Hi everybody! Starting tomorrow we will be at Gamergy in Madrid, showing our demo together with many other talented developers. If you happen to be at the event, come and say hello! This week we bring you some concept art about Flamaspei, the capital of the kingdom of Agnis. This city sits atop a largeSigue leyendo «Get to know Flamaspei, one of the main cities of Iberis!»

Road to Gamergy!

Hi everybody! Only a few weeks for Christmas, but we have received an incredible present these days! We attended Ultralan Gaming Festival in Valladolid, a big event with incredible organizers and speakers! A lot of people played the Project Apax demo and we received really good feedback to improve it! Also we have good news!Sigue leyendo «Road to Gamergy!»

Nintendo granted us safe passage!

December is here, so get out your ugly Christmas sweaters and get plenty of nougat for the holidays! This week, Nintendo has given us access to their portal so we can develop our Switch demo, which was one of our initial goals. We’ll be telling you more about it in the coming weeks. In theSigue leyendo «Nintendo granted us safe passage!»

Our Kickstarter preview page is live!

Hi everybody! Hope you are fine in the last weeks of November, Christmas is soon here and all of us need a break to charge batteries! This week we also have especially exciting news: our Kickstarter preview page is live! Some of you asked us for it and we are really happy about it. HereSigue leyendo «Our Kickstarter preview page is live!»

Our first patch! Fixes and additions.

Hi everybody! Hope you’re all enjoying the demo! We’ve been going over your feedback and implementing some critical fixes as well as an important feature that we had to leave out of the first version of the demo. Check the entire list below: Additions New combat mode: now you can switch between random encounters andSigue leyendo «Our first patch! Fixes and additions.»

Good reviews in the first week!

Hi everybody! How are you doing? We want to say thank you to all of you for the support! We are obtaining really good feedback since we published the demo last week! The results obtained help us to go to achieve our next milestone: working on launching a Kickstarter campaign. We will talk more aboutSigue leyendo «Good reviews in the first week!»

Join us in Iberis, demo is now up!

It’s finally here! The Project Apax demo is now available to download and play on Steam, so get your gear and go save the world! Well, it’s only a tiny part of the game, but we hope it catches your attention and leaves you wanting more. This is a big milestone for us as itSigue leyendo «Join us in Iberis, demo is now up!»

Next week the demo!

Hi everybody! Only one week to the demo release!! We’re working really hard, hoping the demo will be all you want for it. This week some digital magazines published articles about Project Apax! The first one, Nexel, is a Spanish magazine which has really good articles about game news and indies. In addition, PC GamingSigue leyendo «Next week the demo!»