Laia is a recently graduated Apprentice by the Agnis’s Academy. Despite she is really young (20) she is recognized as one of the best of her course and a promising young girl, due to her fighting abilities.

She was born in Fatumflame, where she met Evan, his best childhood friend, before he moved to the Kingdom of Salus when she was twelve years old.


Proud knight of Agni, Omen is instructor in the Academy of Apprentices and one of the best candidates to become Íberis’s Paladin. He obtained the Apprentice title at the age of 16, the youngest one in the world.

Five years later, he adopted a lonely kid called Evan, who lost his parents in a fire in a forest near the Kingdom of Salus, and started teaching him the fundamentals of runes and the arcane power.


Evan is a young and passionate boy whose dream is being a Paladin. And it seems he is in the right direction. He graduated in the Agni’s Academy of Apprentices, where he met again with Laia, a friend from whom he separated 8 years ago when he went to live to the Kingdom of Solus with his parents.

Omen, his legal tutor and a brother to him, is his reference of what he would like to become one day.